The Digital Ability

Assessment does not always have to be about defining the end product in terms of what students say, do or produce. Differentiated instruction can be realized by giving students the opportunity to choose the tools, methods and medium by which they strive to achieve learning outcomes. Specific criteria that defines the assement is very important!

Monitor What Students Say

- blogging (including comments) - keeps a record of what students say that can be reviewed by the teacher, student, parent, or larger audience.
- voicethread - allows students to use their voice to make comments on a product.
- digital video - using cameras to capture oral presentations, plays, interviews, etc for later review and self-critique.

Monitor What Students Do

- digital video - how to's - record the methods to complete and activity.

Monitor What Students Produce

- Online bookmaking - allows students to share understandings with a wide audience.
- graphic novelling/comic making - using comicified visuals in the writing process.