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1. Access (Client or Web)

  • Client (full featured/instant sign-on) - look for Outlook Icon external image outlook2013-icon.png
    • remember to log off you computer to prevent security breach
    • only accessible at school
  • OWA - Outlook Web Access - http://mail.hzsd.ca
    • accessible from home and school
    • not completely full feature
  • Mobile
    • currently the app for iPhone works (OWA for iPhone)
    • can not use your regular phone email program (this capability is not allowed for security concerns)

2. Accessing First Class Legacy Email

  • Client - you will need to restructure how your outlook looks by default
    • dots.JPGclick n dot in lower bottom, an select Navigation Options
    • navigation.png Move folders up, mail down! and click ok!
    • Now use the expand folders on left to open and close at will!
  • OWA - Web
    • Simply expand folders on left side to reveal your mailbox folders

3. Directory Search (Address Book/Public Emails)

Sometimes you do not know a name or where to direct the email.

  • Client (address book) or more readily use the "To" button!
    • Select or search from "global address list"
    • To select a public mail folder simply drop down the "global address list" and select the needed public folder.
  • OWA - Web
    • Simply start to type name and it will auto populate with closest match or offer list of matches
    • To mail public folder simply choose people, As of yet I see no all teacher grouping,

4. Conferences

Conferences as we know do not really exist. There are public but need to be made by admin.

adding Public - Horizon Staff folder (Division Conference Replacement)

  • Client - On left locate the Public folders - drill down and find the Horizon Staff folder.
  • OWA - Right click on favorites - Add Horizon Staff Public Folder

5. Calendars

Personal calendar is available

  • share calendar with others is you wish them to see yours
  • permission changes to allow others to edit etc.

Resource Calendars (ie. for booking computer lab, AV etc.)
  • Possible to setup! But require admin assistance.
  • Put in a support ticket at support.hzsd.ca. Choose outlook email help and then request a share calendar for your school. Then you can access the calendar and put booking in etc.

Client / OWA Demoed!

6. Organizational Folders

Creating folders to organize your mail can be a life saver.

  • To create a new folder, simply right click on the inbox, select new folder and fill in name.
  • Click and drag or select move at top to populate the newly created folder.

7. Profile changes and signature.

  • In outlook go to file and select options.
  • In OWA:Go to the top right and choose options.

Here select account and make changes to profile picture or enable, add signature and edit an autoreply!

7. Known Issues

  • server not responding - simply retry in a few moments or use OWA (seems far more successful)
  • can not automatically forward email to another email account (this capability is not allowed for security concerns)
  • Access to mail on desktop is a click away if logged in - many expressed security concerns
  • Time outs on the web access and mobile

8. Positives
  • OWA is far superior to firstclass web.
  • Industry standard so lots of support info how to use and work with available on line. Have a problem? Simply Google it!

9. Negatives
  • no web creation
  • no book marks
  • no conferences
  • no instant message
  • no internal documents

Other ideas (* I shared common things to you!)