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More engagement ideas!

Pre-activity: Turn and talk
  • With an elbow partner discuss this question:
    • How do we as educators shift from “we teach, they learn” (Friesen, 2009) to learning experiences that engage students emotionally and intellectually so that students are empowered to meet their full potential?

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@gcouros's main message was to make learning visible thus connecting the student to and personalize their learning.

How do we make Learning Visible?

TEDx on Personalized Learning - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC-zBsc1w-c

Student | How do students participate in their learning?
􀂃How are students invited to “live” their learning?
􀂃How do students develop creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills?

Teacher | How will this work impact the teacher’s knowledge and skills?
􀂃How do I engage with colleagues in this work?
􀂃How am I continuing to learn?
􀂃How do I make instructional design choices?
􀂃What do I watch for, listen to, and ask, to inform my understanding of students?
􀂃How do I demonstrate intellectual curiosity in my approach to the subject matter?

Content | How do teacher and students engage and build a relationship around the content?
􀂃How is curricular content incorporated into tasks and assessment?
􀂃How is the task meaningful and relevant beyond the classroom?

How can we encourage our students above and beyond? (enriched, deeper understandings)


Personalized learning (Calgary Board of Education)

􀂃begins with engagement

􀂃is active and effortful

􀂃is assessment rich (builds confidence and success)

􀂃is meta-cognitive and transformative

external image gI_71190_GoNoodle_Logo.jpg Time for a Brain Break!

My Journey into Making Personalized Learning Visible

  • strong focus on constructivism
  • "think - create - share"
  • the process is just as important as the product/outcome (KC and RH ex.)
  • emphasize quality over quantity (narrow down the learning)
  • technology fits nice into documenting the process and producing a variety of products to show evidence of learning
  • understanding that learning is a balance between learning basic skills, exploring the learning and striving for the outcome
  • teachers can only convey so much learning ... use the ask3b4me strategy to employ your "expert students"

Sample projects (current)

- Gr. 4 - Science Example

- Gr. 10 - Ad Agency Simulation (IP 10)
􀂃begins with engagement (PSAs, the All State contest and digital choice)
􀂃is active and effortful (guided by a timeline and students are accountable for work done)
􀂃is assessment rich (students will blog each step of the journey thus builds confidence and success)
􀂃is meta-cognitive and transformative (they will create and share a digital product backed by a social media campaign to be voted in)
-- A combination of great idea, quality and vote will win this!

- Rubes Goldberg machine (Video is crazy good for showing evidence of success/failure and learning explanation and process)

Extending the Learning - Connecting the World to their learning

Google Docs - Collaborative Suite
- every student and teachers now can access a division google account
- focal use is realistically Grade 5+
- used to share documents, presentations and create websites.

AR - Auras or QR codes - Create Interactive Bulletin Boards
- Auras - highlights video from Watson
- QR Codes - create QR codes to lead viewer to digital learning and understandings
--- all about teaching and learning with QR codes
--- QR codes can launch polls, solicit response texts and trigger just about anything you wish to share.

Digital Student Portfolios (may compliment traditional)
- accessible anytime and anyplace / archival across many years can show growth
- students can assess and reflect as part of learning and growth
- What is it and how can I begin to have my students create portfolios?
-- Consider using google sites (we can keep them private as needed)

Blogging - kidsblog or blogger
-- students can share in a private spaces and teachers can monitor
-- blogging is a great tool for assessing and reflecting

Tweeting - Twitter will allow us to share and spread our learning
#hzsd hashtag - will populate our Division Daily Newspaper
- even simply tweeting as a classroom brings the world into the classroom!

Edmodo as Social Media
-- because it is group based like facebook you control who has access and a great way for classes to interact. Parents can opt in and follow as posts will send texts to mobile devices and keep them in the loop as well. Edmodo has become more than a "Facebook" as it is a free and safe way for teachers to collaborate while it engages, connects, measures (gradebook/polls) and personalizes(apps) the learning experience. It allows the conversation of learning beyond the classroom walls.

Digital Learning / Digital Fluency Road Map

Currently working on a LT roadmap. Hoping we can produce a poster to reflect where we might like to go in 3 years!
  1. Learning Technology Goals - See plan
  2. Collaborative Learning
    1. create capacity for teachers/students to use google independently (google ninja?)
    2. google docs
  3. Connected Classrooms
    1. - skype
    2. - twitter
    3. - blogs
  4. Critical Thinking/Inquiry
    1. - 6 prompts for critical questioning/inquiry
  5. 21st Century Teaching (online presence)
    1. - digital citizenship
    2. - Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition - introduce
    3. - online course material
    4. - formative assessment using technology - infuse learning, socrative and extreme learning (BYOD)
    5. - Realms of Teacher/Pupil/Parent communication - Remind 101 / Edmodo
    6. - augmented reality (static projects with digital enhancements)

Want more? Read some sharp minds on visible learning/personalized learning: Here are some:

http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/the-shift-from-teaching-content-to-teaching-learning/ (One educators take on John Hattie's Visible Learning)

Wrap Up

Think-Write-Pair Share! See strategy 20

think write pair share.PNG

Think about making learning visible.

Write down 2 ways you have learned to make it visible.

Turn and tell your partner what you wrote down.

Turn and tell the group what you want to learn more about!

I would like comments on this PD - please send me an email or tweet @jrswanster

TY and have a good day!