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iPads are amazing!

Worthy iPad Applications - http://ubershare.wikispaces.com/ipadapps


Activity 1 - Welcome (15)
iPad for Consumption of information vs. iPad for Production of projects - Think of purpose!
Discussion: What does this device mean for education?

iPad as 1:1 Device

Exploring Built-in Features (10)
  • Photo Booth
  • Effects
  • Changing Wallpapers
  • Camera
  • Taking photos
  • Taking video
  • Maps
  • Notes
  • Tips and Tricks on typing
  • Special Characters
  • Safari
  • Browsing
  • Bookmarks
  • Saving images on an iPad

Try Pics4Learning or Wikimedia Commons for Copyright-Friendly images.
Find more Copyright-Friendly images at Ted's new blog, Oh, for Tech's Sake

Downloading Basic Apps (15)


Mad Math Lite
Puppet Pals HD
Sonic Pics Lite
Free App Tracker or AppShopper

Activity 2: Create Videos (30)

Video Project 1 - Visual Represent a word problem.

Shoot some video using iMovie!

Video and the Curriculum:
  • Form collaborative learning groups of 3-4 people.
  • Using whatever props you have available, dramatize the following word problem in a creative humorous way:

Alice and the Rabbit sit down for tea. In total, they drink ten cups of tea. Alice drank four more cups of tea than the Rabbit. How many cups did each drink?

Feel free to draw create a visual representation of this problem through Drawcast.
After filming your video, edit it to make it more "professional".

How do we share?
- upload to youtube
- connect with a vga adapter
- use a reflection app or apple TV.

Video project 2: Interview a colleague (if done early)

Question: How might you use an iPad in your roll as an educator?

Edit the video.
BONUS: Export your project to your camera roll. Then upload it to YouTube.

Optional: Check out Animoto, Vimeo

Activity 3: Reading and the iPad (30)
Search for free books in the iBooks Store and download at least one.
Reading, highlighting, and annotating books
*Interactive books (Shakespeare in Bits, Vooks, Alice in Wonderland)

*Finding ePub documents
Reading PDF in iBooks

*Using other Apps to read and annotate PDFs (neu.Annotate PDF)

Activity 4: Digital Storytelling (30)

Project Idea!
Improv and storytelling using the Story Spine by Kenn Adams (there's also a Story Spine iPod touch app)

In groups of 3-4 people, create an improv story following the Story Spine. Record in QuickVoice so you can use it later.
Once upon a time ...
Until one day...
Because of that...
Because of that...
Because of that ...
Until finally ...
Ever since then...
The moral of the story is...

Sometimes, I have students create two morals... one serious and one funny.

Now, using SonicPics Lite, Educreations, or a similar app, narrate your story and find / draw appropriate images
When time is up, we will share our projects with each other.

Activity 5: QR Codes, Classrooms, and You (15)

project gutenburg.png

QR codes in Plain English

Use for fitness stations in PE, share digital media/reflections on phsical work on wall etc.

You can easily create QR Codes with Red Laser.

  • Type a short text message on how you think you can use QR Codes in your classroom.
  • Have someone else scan it to share your thoughts.

Activity 6: Edit a Google Doc (30)
Editing Google Docs on The Go (Blog Post & Video)
Share your docs on the go with the improved Google Docs for mobile (Blog Post)
Create an account at docs.google.com or login (most teachers already have a google doc account)
Visit docs.google.com with Safari on the iPad.
Open a document and click edit.
Your work is automagically saved in "the cloud." It is backed up and you can access it from any web browser.
Try collaborative editing with us using this document.

BONUS: Click on the downward chevron and select "use desktop version" to have access to additional features.

Activity 7: Explore The Activities (15)
  • Visit Apptivities.org and browse for something relevant to you or your students.

Activity 8: Socrative Reflection (15)
  • Use the socrative app
  • Room # 49065

Recall what you have learned today about ADAPT and consider the following questions to reflect on ...

How do you plan to use the iPad in your role as an educator?
How do you plan to use it with students?

Additional Resources:
One Year Later: Assessing the Impact of iPads on Education
Growing List of iPad Apps for Education
Check out these slide decks by Cheryl Davis, Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher:

A Community effort to Grade Educational Apps: http://www.iear.org/
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