0.5 Responsible Internet Use

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements
An Introduction to Photoshop Elements

Things you should know!

  • is only installed in main-lab due to cost

    works on both mac and windows

  • it is a digital image editor that works in 3 modes: simple, advanced and guided.
  • geared for use from approx 2-12, is not quite as capable as Photoshop but does the job nicely

Fills the gap for!
  • fancy text creation
  • photo touch up and corrections
  • copyright free image creation the way you want them

Why use Photoshop Elements 9
  • Addresses a new media literacy skill - digital editing
  • Teaches complex work with layers
    • most desktop publishing programs, graphic design programs and graphic editors use layers to edit portions of a project without damaging the rest of the digital image.
    • can be a challenge to teach younger ages - Gr. 6+ should definitely be shown how to use layers.

Getting to work
  • the help and guides are fantastic, lots of video how-tos and step by step in the program.
  • classroom in a book - Photoshop 9
  • Comprehensive PS Elements 9 e-Book online.

Demonstration - Starting Somewhere - the guided start!

Project ideas:


2. Introduction to google docs and its potential in learning!


Sign into Horizon's google docs portal

Recently we applied for division wide access to our own google docs portal.
Why google docs?
  • Sign in using your firstname.lastname / 1234.
  • Access most of Google's premiere collaboration tools here!
    • We hope to make this available for student use, awaiting tech committee approval.

Look up and Share with "Eyes on Education - Battling Boredom"
  • partner up in groups of 2 or 3 and read through the introduction.
  • Stop at the end of the first page and share
    • How significant is his quest?
  • Stop at the end of the second page and share
    • Consider the 6 points: which 3 do you think are the most relevant?
  • Stop at the end of the last page and share
    • Which "news" do you find more challenging to work with?

Working with google docs

Creating a new document and sharing it with group members. Demonstrated.

"Make a case for" - Student Engagement Activity
  • Brief over the table of contents of "Eyes on Education - Battling Boredom"and select a section that you would like to find out more strategies on! Before you go out and buy the book what can you find out about the suggested activities.
  • Research and compile a google doc with your group of several of the strategies you consider worthy of investigation.
  • Now make a case for the one strategy you think everyone should consider
    • Describe and give detail how the strategy works
    • Be prepared to defend:
      • How would this strategy make a case for engagement?

3. Get a blogger blog!

external image blogger-money.png

  1. Access blogger under "more" in your Google mailbox area and create an account
  2. Name your blog something interesting.
  3. Choose a template!

Now you are set and ready to become an active member of a connected learning community!

Take up the blog challenge!

external image blog+challenge.jpg

Blog prompt for today?

    • Think and prepare blog thought, as a 3-2-1.
      • 3 key ideas from the content today
      • 2 strategies or tools you would like to try
      • 1 commitment that you are making
    • Create your first post! Spice it with a graphic.

Complete your learning connection.

  • Add your elbow partners blogs to your blogroll on your blog

Taexternal image 30-day-blog-challenge.jpgke the blog challenge!

Write one post a month.

    • We will check in on them and provide some feedback.

Possible blog prompts for future posts (blog entries)
      • How has technology affected the way you teach?
      • Why go beyond your school and network?
      • One thing I did with my staff today is …
      • One thing I could not teach without is ….
      • other ideas?