Maplewood Markbook

Maplewood is the learning/student management software that handles student records for our school division.
Horizon's maplewood site - http://sis.hzsd.ca/
Select the "Staff" button under your school's name. Log in using your username and password provided by your secretary.

Coherence Framework

Where can I go to find some more how-tos?

Currently are being prepared by Linda, our maplewood secretary based out of Wakaw.
Support documentation can be obtained at http://hzsd.ca/Curriculum_Instruction/Maplewood

What needs to be done before I can use Markbook?

It is my understanding that the secretaries were to go over a set of school based setup procedures which included giving teachers
access to ConnectEd. If you get a message that terms and topics are not setup up please contact administration you will need to talk to secretary about setting up the needed terms and topics for your course.

Where can I try out things in Markbook and not destroy what I have setup already?
Maplewood demo site - http://www.maplewood.com/onlinedemo.html - can use this for tinkering if u like with no effect to your own markbook.
--- highschool teachers would log into here. For teacher name use s.mcmaster and password of teacher1.

How do I use Maplewood Markbook?
Here is a handout for entering grades into the achievement section, setting up markbook and entering grades and retrieving information from it.
Achievements Overview.

external image msword.png Connect ed markbook.doc - simplified reference borrowed from the North East School Division - a more indepth one is available above but sometimes we need to see the same thing in two different forms!

Do you still need more help?

I am by no means a maplewood markbook pro. It is something I do not work with daily but strive to keep on top of it.
If you can not access your markbook you need to talk to your secretary first. If you need some side by side assistance or wish someone to check what yuo have set up send me an email via firstclass and I will arrange to meet with you.